Reliable and Long Life Span
Most of the manufacturers use the cheap carbon stell pipe for the compressed air transmission, ignoring the oxidation after the pipe rust.
Iron(Iron rust) will damage the precision pneumatic tools, air cylinder and the pneumatic valves.
In many times, we will adopt the F.R.L to prevent the hazardous solid particles but do remember these particles will also increase the pressure drop of the F.R.L and largely waste the energy consequently.
AIRPIPE guarantee the air quality
AIRPIPE guarantee the clean air quality from the air treatment equipment to the air point use, will not cause secondary pollution in the transmission process
Avoid the risk of pollution in the time flies
Clean air system protect the low stream equipments and products quality
Avoid to install the filter in front of the compressed air use
Prolong the life span of the piping system
The smooth interior design and high-flow connectors ensures a constant supply of clean air at a reduced pressure drop, resulting in significant energy savings.
Guaranteed leak-free performance and superior longevity versus traditional pipe systems.